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Klonopin is the brand name for the medication clonazepam and is sometimes also referred to as Klonopin wafer. The drug belongs to a wider group of drugs within the benzodiazepine family and works to balance chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety. Due to this fact Klonopin is most commonly used to treat anxiety and other panic disorders although it is always used to treat seizure disorders that are caused by imbalanced chemicals in the brain as well. Usually when disbursed for seizure disorders it is used in its wafer form.

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This drug may be used solely or in addition to other drugs designed focusing to treat the seizure disorders. Itís necessary for you to swallow the regular tablets of Klonopin with some water if you want to benefit from it. Klonopin wafers are manufactured in such a way that they get dissolved in saliva immediately, so itís not absolutely necessary to intake water (but drinking a little is fine). You can intake this drug either with or without taking any food. It is strongly recommended to not take the doses of this drug equally throughout the day. Itíd be better to take the largest dose at bedtime because it helps in minimizing the odd of daytime sedation.

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Ask you doctor about trying Klonopin if you have seizures or panic attacks. Klonopin can help reduce these symptoms and make it easier for you to live a normal life without having these disorders inhibit your life.

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